Do we really care?

I am asking those who live in India where no one likes to listen about problems that every Indian is facing nowadays. We talk about our sanskar and culture but do we respect them actually? This is the time where festivals are at top of the mountain but we always think about our enjoyment and we never care about others. Whether it is diwali or Eid, no one cares about needy poor people who can’t even eat a 2 times their meal. When we try to explain them by saying ‘we should help needy’, people try to explain us by saying ‘please don’t bore us with your stupid theories’. They deface themselves by telling me that you are not enjoying yourself with fullest…Its festival time so enjoy these moments… we will think about such issues later . Do we ever think about needy people for single time in a year??

Why India is a poor country ? Because we never stick to ethics or point of views  or may be our ethics or point of views are changing day by day.  Confused?

Let me explain with one example..

There was one sweet little family.. Father, Mother and their 2 children..a happy cute family!!

At the begging family’s needs were less that father could fulfill although he wasn’t getting enough salary. As the time went on.. father wasn’t able to fulfill their needs and they were quarreling over every issue,   reason ?


No, than ?

Costly education?

No, than?

What I think is that our point of view is the reason. As the topic of this page ‘Do we care? explains everything ‘..If we need Armani Jens we want it any how! But do we really think about our parents? .. how they are able to complete the cycle? No, never ..And here is most interesting thing, Our parents never make us understand the real problem they are facing. Communication gap between us is so wide and deep that we think about ourselves only. We never try to understand the reality and no one is making us understand, if some one tries.. as I mentioned WE DON’T CARE!!

Recently, In India nowadays we have diwali vacation .. and so my first question is how we are spending our time? Most of us will have same answer … BY DOING NOTHING! or in LAZINESS. We all are busy in our tight schedule throughout the year so ‘DOING NOTHING’ is quite good actually. But we never ever try to find or solve the problem that our nation is facing throughout the year. Prices are rising day by day , scams and scams are every where, naksalvad is killing our people, people are dying by hunger and what we are doing? We are doing NOTHING.

Whether it was corruption or reservation, we have accepted everything by saying “Ye India hey mere dost Chalta hey!! ” Why we don’t care? .. Are we dumb? Are we stupid ? Frankly.. we all are coward. We are selfish .We want to keep ourselves safe. Indian mentality is getting shallow day by day. In Hindu culture only, we learn so many tales and stories. I don’t know how many of us actually believe in such stories. We learn them just to know as we belong to this group. We never try to understand the actual meaning. Why ? We don’t care !!

The main problem with ourselves is that we never understand the meaning and never try to make others realize what we feel. I don’t know the  exact solution of this but I know one thing “Start searching for solution ” is the best solution I can give . Start knowing yourself and others. Start caring, sharing and loving. I am sure these things will give you inner joy!! or feeling of satisfaction !!



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